Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Going to start blogging more

We'll see how that one goes! But I think it's good to let it out! Sort of keep a virtual diary plus it's good to put things in perspective, and I tend to do that when I write.

Anyway, so today *Wednesday* was an uneventful day (thank goodness!) Sent the mother's day card to the MIL - signed by Jackie with 4 pics of the kids. (1 per grandparent!) I had also sent my mom her card a while back (since it takes longer for her to get it). I hope they enjoy them as the gmas like to send cards this way! I felt productive regarding keeping up with those responsibilities!

Home life is good. I have made a mental list of things I need to get going here and one of them is to make dinner time easier so we can enjoy our time outside on nicer days. Soooo I ordered Schwans meals! I saw them the other day on the Apprentice and thought to myself ... I can order those and give it a shot! Unfortunately, I had to pay a bit more so they leave them on freezer bags as I can't really guarantee that I will be here for the delivery.

Jackie did not have soccer practice due to the rain (which I'm glad because that's one less possibility of her getting sick). In the meantime, Julien's school just sent a note saying that a lot of people were coming up with Strepp (riiighhhttt late news there as I knew at least of 4 families that had it over the last 3 months!) I don't know about that school sometimes. I can't wait for the summer as we are getting a sitter for the kidos! YAY! We love the girl we are getting - she rocks, she's cool and super sweet with the kids!!

I need to do something about Chris' high blood pressure. Less sodium is the key. But MAN that's hard! A tablespoon of anything has about 500mg of sodium!! What's up with that? And for a low sodium diet they recommend like 2500 mg a day.

I just had the best mango I have had in a long time! It was juicy and ripe and orange! YUM! Enjoying the simpler things in life! A nice ripe mango!

I hope to have a nice evening and enjoy couple time with my hubby as we watch Lost sans commercials (thanks DVR!)

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