Thursday, August 31, 2006

Interests - Yoga

Maybe it's because I am a Libra, but I can't live without balance. I need it and crave it. I feel Yoga (Ashtanga) helps me to bring balance into my life. I spend so much time being a wife, a mother, a worker, a friend, a sister, a daughter that I forgot all about being me.
Then I walked into a Yoga class and fell insanely in love with it. The ambiance, the breath, the physical effort. I was just loving the time to myself without having to overdo it with weights or spinning or aerobics. Yoga is my way to challenge my body to the next level, to not be afraid of new things and to always remember that your subconcious takes in everything around you.

One of the things I love about Yoga is the fact that one class I may not be able to make a balance pose. In a couple of weeks I try that pose and it is just amazing at what my body can do, and how my body learns without me even noticing. I just try it and it works, it makes sense I am afraid but I can do it. Bakasana is my triumph pose, one day I just tried it and it worked!! I could balance, I could hover, my feet were off the ground and I was balancing so well. I was afraid to fall, but believed in my body for a chance and I did it!
Now if only I could jump back from Bakasana to Chataranga Dandasana ... that's my next challenge.

Movies - Ocean's Eleven

I am not going to recap the movie, I just can't possibly assume people have not seen this movie before ...

I don't know why, but I really really like this movie. Is it because it's such an interesting and fun enssemble ? Or maybe because you could see their chemistry through the camera ? Or maybe because it was simply funny with music queued exactly at the correct time and with lots of interesting cinematography views. I honestly do not get tired of watching it over and over.

One of my favorite parts is when they are all together planning the "job" in Rueben's house and are going through the steps of what they are going to do ... Saul's reaction is the best ...

Saul: I have a question, say we get into the cage, and through the security doors there and down the elevator we can't move, and past the guards with the guns, and into the vault we can't open...

Rusty: Without being seen by the cameras.

Danny: Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot to mention that.

Saul: Yeah well, say we do all that... uh... we're just supposed to walk out of there with $150,000,000 in cash on us, without getting stopped? [pause as everyone turns to look at Danny]

Danny: Yeah.

Saul: Oh. Okay.

I like Julia Roberts but I'm not sure if I liked her in this movie. She seemed so rehearsed when she was walking down the stairs (the first shot we see of her) her face seemed like she was being told something that we the audience did not hear. It was odd and I feel like she overdid it with the role.

George Clooney simply has charisma and just makes it look like he's improvising the whole time. I admire him for his talent and his comedy.

Brad Pitt is just funny, I think his character may be very similar to the actor itself. Cocky, player, funny, smart and fearless. I think he and George had incredibly chemistry and their interaction is what made the movie.

Another favorite quote:

Reuben: Look, we all go way back and uh, I owe you from the thing with the guy in the place and I'll never forget it.

Danny: That was our pleasure.

Rusty: I'd never been to Belize.


Hello! I'm Rossina, it's funny that I don't use that name as often as it is my middle name. Some of my friends from high school might recognize me, but people from my life in the States either know me as Silvia or Rosie (there I'm public).
Don't know why I decided to do this, specially with having 2 small children, a house, a husband and a full time job at a technology company. It seems to me that I won't ever update this ... we'll see what happens!
So this are just that ... my thoughts. I envision thoughts about movies, restaurants, TV Shows (all my favorites) and maybe family life. Although I rather live my family life than sitting here writing about it.
Kids are sleeping and the US Open is playing in the TV, husband is typing away working and I'm just unwinding from a business trip.
I hope I enjoy writing and "blogging"....and just maybe venting ... or maybe this is just another working mom trying something new !