Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Since I didn't post about each individual birthday as they were going on, I'll post about them all at once for the 2011 birthdays!

Birthdays are a time to celebrate you! It's YOUR feast day! In our house there is always a cake with candles! I honestly don't like making a big fuss on my birthday but my dear husband likes surprises.

My birthday was a super nice one! Chris decided to have a dinner at a swanky restaurant this year (totally surprised!) and invited a few friends that were available to join us. It was a rainy evening but a fun one to share with people I love!! Thanks husband for being such a great guy! (no pics of that one as I am usually the photographer!)

Dear husband's birthday fell on a Friday during Lent. We decided to invite our great friends to have dinner with us to celebrate... so we had a delicious fish meal with rice and veggies and homemade mac n cheese (made by my faboulus friend). For dessert I made one of my hubby's favorite cakes!
{blowing their candles off of the tres leches cake}

Jackie's birthday party. A party at our house (which is rare for us) but she had her closest 9 y.o.'s in tow and did a dance party (Just Dance 2) in our newly remodeled basement. The girls (and Julien) made their own personalized pizza and they had a delicious Phineas and Ferb cake :)

{just dance}

{jackie's 9th birthday}

Julien's 6th birthday party was at a city park close to our house. The weather cooperated, and over 40 people joined us to celebrate Julien's big day. It was fun to also have a pinata for a change (we hardly ever do pinatas due to the weather here). Julien truly enjoyed his day and we are so blessed to have so many great friends showing up wishing him the best!

{Julien's 6th birthday party and me, showing them how to use this safely}

{julien's 6th birthday}

Celebrating us!

My favorite things...

My guys :)

{i heart them}

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Baby Shower!

Last Saturday we did this!!

My sister's baby shower at her house was so much fun! Filled with delicious food and awesome guests! We played some games and had a great ol' time wishing Thania the best on her new road to mommyhood!!

Here are some pictures of it:

{above the games/activities set up}

{a matted picture with the "belly" - guests would write messages for the parents to be}

 {card from our dad - he should know he has 5 kids!!}

{eating baby food and guessing the flavors}

 {Jackie giving her 2 cents}

{my mom and Ronnie}

{she's all set!!}

{Julien playing with the baby}

{soon to be a family of 3}

Congratulations! We are so excited!!!

Felicidades!! Estamos emocionados!!