Saturday, June 04, 2011


Oh Summer, how have I missed you! The days of taking multiple showers a day, days of smelling like chlorine from being at the pool so much, the longer days (yay!) and the smell of barbeque's throughout the neighborhood!
I absolutely love summer and it's funny how I took warmer weather for granted when I was younger living in Honduras.
Now I appreciate this season so much more here because it ends!!
In any case, summer has already brought in quite a bit of changes for us. Starting with the good news that our dear daughter's biopsy results were good (phew!). That was a long wait!!

Also, speaking of my dear daughter, there's a boy in the neighborhood that "likes" her and keeps coming around to say hi and wanting to play with her. I'm not so crazy about boys already knocking on our doors (and this one is persistent even after dear husband said to him that he can't play with her quite a few times). I suppose that is natural (she is 9) but I'm not ready!!! I don't want to seem like she's not allowed to play with her friends, I just rather she played with girls right now rather than boys. He's a good boy, polite and really nice to her, I'm just not ready to let her go out to play roaming around the neighborhood. So that's a change I have to deal with! Plus we don't know his parents and also, what kind of parents lets their nine year old son roam around the neighborhood for hours and hours and never once we see anybody looking for him?? I know where he lives but I don't understand his family situation.

Well, the summer promises some fun, such as west coast trips (Cali), lots of pool time, a small trip to DC (so our kids see the capital city), a visit from my mom and lots of BBQs! YAY Summer!

Also, some big news that I can't really share just yet but I can't wait to burst it out!! Of course, they are not my news so I can't go there yet, but I'm just so excited :) :)

Ok - till next time!!