Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Fall!

Oh my favorite season! This fall we've had some beautiful weather in Ohio - warm days (some actually hot!) and some cool with that crisp air. If you are wondering what crisp air is... well it's like a very sharp cool air, not so cold that it bothers you, but cool enough to refresh you. On crisp days everything looks sharp. The sun is shinning and the colors are just ... CRISP :). I took a walk with the kids to a local metro park, where me and about 200 other folks were also walking and taking pictures. The fall colors were AMAZING! I truly enjoyed myself and I hope my kids did too.

It also means it is time to clean up the yard and prepare it for the winter! For us that means cutting down perennials so they don't have any leaves or dead branches come spring and raking our very large yard (well it's not so large but for me it is). I was in a zen mode while raking today, before I knew it I had done what I set out to do out in the yard! The whole time I thought about how we couldn't sell our house this year and if in some cosmic way it was meant not to sell.

What? Did I forget to mention our house was on the market the entire summer? Well, it was! And it was not fun. Not fun having to go through showing after showing after showing just to find out that the buyer did not like ... whatever. From the yard to the corner and how small the house was, the price was the biggest complain. So we lowered and lowered and LOWERED the price down so much that we pretty much were giving the house away. Well, that still didn't help to sell it. As I was raking the leaves and cutting down my Hydrangeas, I realize that I DO love living here. I do love this neighborhood and its conveniences (close to everything, including WORK!) But we wanted to give our kids more space and my visiting family more room to roam. Since it does get pretty cold here, we live indoors for a good part of the year so it can get crowded with more than 4 people in the house. However, it has brought us closer (the kids and us) and we LOVE having less space to clean. I can find many positives and I'm not making excuses, but I remember what some people live like in other parts of the world. They barely have a roof over their heads and they share all a room (to sleep, eat and live in). Why the need for more space? Why the need for bigger and better? I can't answer that, but I can tell you that we will enjoy these holidays in our home this year - because home to ME is where my family is.

I read an article the other day about a family that decided to down size instead of upgrade their house. Their house was already pretty big but after a trip to a third world country they all understood what's important in life. So they sold their large home and bought a smaller home which allowed them to give more money to philantrophic efforts and in the end it brought the family closer. I always say that I don't need anything bigger and better - I just need our family to be healthy and happy. Our kids smile every day (so they seem happy and they say they are happy!) We can afford to go places (took 2 major trips this year and they were tons of fun!). And at least my commute is unbeatable (3 minutes to work!)

It still doesn't mean that we won't try again in the spring (to sell that is) but for now I would be ok if we don't.

Pictures of the fall and our home: