Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So it Happened ... Jackie turned 5!

My little baby!! She was so tiny when we brought her home! Just 5 lbs 11 oz. Now she's a beautiful smart and energetic little girl! Her party was at a local party place, where lots of kids attended(pretty much everybody that was invited was there). Just take a look at the picture, there they are ... well most of them, some were wondering around and didn't make it to the group picture.
We had a lot of fun, with over 30 kids running around, the party seemed a bit stressful to me. Bottom line though, Jackie had fun, even Julien had fun! Parents were pleased that the kids were so tired, most likely they took a super long nap after this!

I don't know how to feel yet, my daughter is growing up right in front of my eyes, and she is doing things that amaze me every day! She is reading beginner books, writing with a beautiful handwriting (for a 5 year old) and saying things that are hilarious! She helps with her little brother, and is always talking ... ALWAYS!

Next thing I know, she'll be going out with her friends (eeeek) and I don't even want to know the future ... I'm just enjoying every minute with this fun, loving and beautiful little girl!