Friday, November 15, 2013

Singing talent

I have zero singing talent and I am always amazed when people sing and they are able to MOVE me.
I wanted to share the following videos which are so beautiful in their own way.

If this is not angelic, I don't know what is (first time I heard this I cried)
Direct link here.

Also, Susan Boyle's audition in Britain's Got Talent is moving, unexpected and beautiful!
Direct link here.


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

New purpose?

I hear it's good to journal. I honestly am very bad at writing. I can't tell a story really, but I can make bullet points! So with that effort, I will try to journal as much as possible our days.
You see, even though I work, I get to be home when my kids come home from school. I am very VERY lucky in that regard. Earning money, while helping my kids be kids after school - SCORE!

So with that spirit, I will share what I experience every day with my kiddos. They are growing up too fast. I'm so happy they are growing healthy and blossoming into amazing people. But I know this is going fast and I need to slow down somehow. Maybe by recapping our days right now here at home, it will give me an even deeper appreciation of their childhood and perhaps a look back for them (the kids) to go back and remember our times together.
Like I mentioned above, I'm not a great writer, so kids, bear with me :)

Monday 2/4
*Jackie came home announcing she would be reading the first reading at mass on Wednesday! Wonderful news, as I love the fact they get to be involved in church at such a young age (Jackie you are ALMOST 11 years old my sweetie, and I'm so happy for you! I promise to be at mass on Wednesday!)
*Jackie ALSO has to present her Desert Biome project to her class on Wednesday... double opportunity to get in front of people and talk. I hope you are far more comfortable doing it than I was at your age. Your daddy is the expert at presenting in front of people and so am I (now) but it still gives me butterflies in my stomach. You practiced in front of daddy and me, and our only feedback was to speak LOUDER :) You are going to do great.
*Julien, you are VERY interested in reading Harry Potter(the first book) and are doing a wonderful job. At 7 years old I find that quite an amazing challenge!!
*I can't believe I have to say more than once (almost every night) KIDS, put the books away, time for bed. So, so thankful you guys like to read, but when it's time to rest for the day, it's time to rest.
* I still need to find a fiction book to read. I keep looking but get turned off by Amazon reviews. I really should just pick something and go with it!!
*Jackie - your tap dancing is awesome! You are learning your dance routine for your presentation in the spring and are doing amazing. I honestly think you are a natural at tap!

Tuesday 2/5
*Julien - you my boy have decided to create a comic strip! You worked on it quite a bit on Tuesday and it's all about a napkin who didn't know it was a napkin. You enlisted my help to assist you in spelling, but the drawings and original idea comes from you. Great job and I can't wait to see your finished project!!
*I finally made beef stew - a family favorite. But Julien dislikes carrots (and I LOVE Carrots!) so I had to eat the leftover carrots you wouldn't eat my boy.
*Jackie announced that we should go to NYC and go to FAO Schwartz and to the Harry Potter section. I suppose to buy a wand, spell book and the likes?

*I think you guys are in a Harry Potter trend. You like to quote lines from the HP movies... and are doing a pretty good job with that English accent!!
*Julien, I have a really hard time with you sometimes. You don't listen to me. And I think your teacher is also having a hard time with that. Is it because you just HAVE to do what you want to do? Or is it defiance? I really hope it's the former.
*It is COLD outside! Boy, I have to double up on my layers to just pick you guys up! Brrrr!!!
*We are still talking about our ski adventure and are hoping to get out to the slopes soon!! Julien and Daddy snowboarded and Jackie and me did some skiing! That was the first time for all of us and we all had a blast!

I found this youtube video on an amazing story (which I must have missed when it came out originally). Watch it and if you ever followed the 1996 Olympics (which I did and still remember very well) you'll love it even more!

Stay warm! Wear your hats and mittens/gloves!!

The Holidays - 2012

Well, Christmas and New Years has come and gone. And with it a lot of memories built here in our casa. Our house was filled with wonderful cheery smells and sounds. Lots of giggles and excitement when on Christmas morning our 7 year old woke us up with so much excitement.... he came, he came, he's real!! Come on get up!!.... how can you not get up and enjoy looking at their faces as we place baby Jesus in the manger (because HE is born!) and of course open the loot Santa left!!

Nifty wrapping!
Here are the pictures starting with the weekend before Christmas when we visited their aunt and uncle up north!

Patiently waiting for the obligatory picture before opening their presents.

Ms. Jackie!

Baby Jesus and our Manger.

Lewis - the elf!
Cookies ready for Santa!


Merry Christmas!

Lego world!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! (this is a few days AFTER Christmas that we had quite a bit of snow)