Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hello! I'm Rossina, it's funny that I don't use that name as often as it is my middle name. Some of my friends from high school might recognize me, but people from my life in the States either know me as Silvia or Rosie (there I'm public).
Don't know why I decided to do this, specially with having 2 small children, a house, a husband and a full time job at a technology company. It seems to me that I won't ever update this ... we'll see what happens!
So this are just that ... my thoughts. I envision thoughts about movies, restaurants, TV Shows (all my favorites) and maybe family life. Although I rather live my family life than sitting here writing about it.
Kids are sleeping and the US Open is playing in the TV, husband is typing away working and I'm just unwinding from a business trip.
I hope I enjoy writing and "blogging"....and just maybe venting ... or maybe this is just another working mom trying something new !

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