Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am an undecided Ohio Voter!

Yes, I'm one of those. I may very well be some sort of Joe the Plumber! Interestingly enough, I don't like politics. In fact, I hate politics. Now that I am US Citizen though, I feel compelled and almost my responsibility to get educated on the issues on the candidates and my options. I rather stay away from one particular party for now - I want to vote for the candidate that will make this country better.
Unfortunately, the candidate of my choice is not even running anymore (boo!) Both major party candidates are great, I'm sure they are both going to help in some way. But the major issue for me in these elections at least, is the healthcare issue. I think people are dying or going bankrupt due to having some major disease. Which is circumventing that Americans do not take care of themselves - they don't lead a healthy life and now cancer diagnosis are on the rise and heart conditions are obvious and apparent to a younger generation.
So when you get sick - what? You have to fight with the insurance companies to get the proper care that you need and doctors won't prescribe the necessary exams, screening, etc. because the insurance companies won't cover them. That's absurd and ridiculous.
A couple of years I had a cholesterol screening and it came back a bit high for my age. What I was told by a nurse at the family practice I was going to at the time was to exercise and eat better. No SH#$*()T Sherlock? In countries like France or Britain, doctors are rewarded by their government for educating people on how to lead a healthy life. They have great prevention programs so that folks learn what it is that they need to do/change to lead a healthier life.
Anyway, that's one of the issues that is close to me. I hope both candidates realize that people's healthcare needs to be a right in a country like the US. Or at least, we shouldn't be wasting millions of dollars on unnecessary programs that don't make sense and reforming the fundamentals of healthcare in this country.

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