Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's been so long!!!

I can't believe I've taken so long to post. I don't know why - but work, family - life in general has taken a lot of my time. I decided this morning to get up and cook a hearty meal (yes it is fall so a pot roast seemed appropriate) and just enjoy fall.

I love living here in Ohio(sans the winters), but recently, we've been disheartened at our current situation with our house. While we have great jobs, our house we live in is our first house. Meaning it is too small now!! So we decided to put it on the market. YEAH - we thought - we get to move to a larger home and build some good equity. Well, with the market the way it is, our house did not sell after 4 months of being on the market. It sucked!! Sucked having to stage this house so many times, having to rush out of work so that I could clean the house and have it ready for a showing - just to hear back after the showing and find out that they didn't like the color of the wall!? Anyway, we are done with this nonsense. I am pondering whether it is just a better idea to expand this house and make it our own, or if we should try again and sell in the Spring? I don't know what the answer is, but I am determined to focus on just enjoying the holidays and making it even more fun this year for the kids.

The stress we've felt during the past months were awful. Poor DH and I had too many unnecessary arguments which added a stressful cloud over us.
We decided to take a trip by ourselves a couple of weeks ago (more on that on another blog!) and we just got back to knowing that we still love each other very much, but just the stresses of life gets to us. We came back revamped and just determined to make sure the kids have a fun holiday season!!
After all, it's not about the house, it's about the family!

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