Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh what a day ... running around!

Thursdays are just CRAZY!! Crazy I say!! I run out of work to get Jackie (whom my wonderful neighbor Irma had her) and got her (got to eat a bit of Irma's cooking ... fantastic may I say!) then off to piano. Bur FIRST ... Julien needed to be picked up.. YIKES. It is 5:45 PM, piano class is at 6 and still I needed to get Julien. Somehow I made it without any accidents (Phew) I had to slow down a bit though when Julien joyfully says "I like going fast mommy" Hmmm slow down girlfriend! So I did.

Piano was good (I think) then to ballet where by DH met us with dinner (Yay!) we hogged a corner of the ballet studio and plopped ourselves down for dinner without Jackie who was dancing. Jackie is doing great with her practice! She will be dancing to - Diamonds are a Girls Best Friends - I think sang by Marilyn Monroe. I need to get her outfit fitted here soon to see if she needs any alterations. Her show is over Memorial Day weekend.

Then Chris left with Julien mid ballet class and Jackie and I made it to Kroger for a quick run (a quick run nowadays runs me $110.00!!!) Incredible. But we got at least breakfast stuff which we needed. Then came home and did a whole kitchen cleanup! We have new countertops(granite) which I kept hearing how we can't hurt granite from the vendor. Well ... you can't hurt it but you CAN fade it! We had left an aluminum pan sitting overnight (which may have had a bit of moisture) and left a BIG faded circle. It looks weird. I hope it just dries away.

Now I'm looking at our calendar and somehow we are fitting in Yoga! I'm so excited, I haven't been to yoga in Ages! It's nice to pair up with someone and go - my yogi friend (Jen) and I will be comparing places to do Yoga. One time we'll go to my studio of preference (Yoga on High) and another day we will go to her studio of preference (Goodbodies). We shall see. Her studio already gets props though since it's way closer than YOH.
Today when I was walking into the office, (btw our campus is fantastically landscaped!) it looked like a scene out of a meadow! Everything looked sharp and crisp, odd being that it was foggy. I took my time walking in, since I was enjoying the morning smell, the morning air and the morning newness! LOVE IT!

I enjoyed my day today because of that morning walk (from the parking lot to the building) was fantastic! I also enjoy listening Jackie play piano - which she amazes me every time I hear her! Also seeing Julien all covered in chalk playing outside and those goodnight kisses!

Ok - gonna get a book and fall asleep reading!!! Tonight is - Cosmos by Carl Sagan.

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