Friday, January 26, 2007

My Background - My Schools!

I was actually born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Born in 1978(YEAH YEAH) and lived a great childhood with my family. My grandparents owned an elementary school to which I did not go to for some weird reason. My sister and cousin did though. I actually attended a school settled and partly funded by a Christian group from the US called Pable Menzel. The education was excellent, however religion was pounded into you with the whole attitude that they are right and everybody else was wrong!

For high school, I was transferred to another religious school - a more open one! That was La Salle (graduated 1995). I loved that school, people were great, teachers are amazing and open minded, and the education is out of this world. To this date considered still the best high school in the area. I should not say high school, because it actually is Secondary School (7th through 11th grades). I have many fond memories from the school, but some that are not fun to remember. In any case, going to that school made me who I am today and I appreciate it!! The school is religious (Catholic), but we did not have weekly or daily masses. Just for special occassions. My sister also joined me there when it was her turn, and it was nice to be in the same school for a change! The classes were strict, the teachers were serious about teaching and giving students a chance. However, when we broke the rules, that was baadddd! We wore uniforms, and if they were not at an appropiate length (the skirts for the girls I mean!) they would either send us home so we could change or take scissors and undo the hem of our skirts! We also were not allowed to have long hair for the boys, or shaved heads (unless it was a medical condition). The girls were not allowed to wear makeup, any jewelry or anything crazy on our hair. Oh the days!

My sister got in more trouble than I ever did, I always kept a low profile and tried to study a lot to get the grades that I needed. I was a really good student .... really!! Didn't graduate top of my class, but certainly I did really well!

I miss those years, I would have made other decisions now looking back, but then again I may not even have the wonderful life I have now ... who knows!! It's been 11 years since I graduated, and I still keep in touch with my friends from La Salle. They will always be my friends and my partners!! I love you !! You know who you are!!! (can we say lemon tree!?)

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thanialu said...

Hey hey! I didn't get in a LOT of trouble, it wasn't really my fault! But I also did have a lot of fun in La Salle