Sunday, January 21, 2007

What a Week!!

It all started really nice, with MLK Jr. Birthday. On that day Jackie and I stayed home, went shopping and met daddy for lunch (to LeChatelaine, my favorite little French cafe). We even went online to have her listen to Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech. Jackie was well aware as to who Martin Luther King was - she's 4!! So Tuesday Jackie has no school again, I had already took a day off to stay home with her, and she wakes up complaining that she has a tummy ache. Well, I usually trust her, as she knows her little body really well. The vomiting started at 2 PM on Tuesday and it got worse by the hour.

On the other hand we had to work hard between my dh to keep our 1 year old away from this horrible stomach flu. She didn't even want water, and at one point was throwing up bile (sorry, I had to say so you get what happened next). So we took her to the Pediatric Urgent care close to home, and they sent us to Children's Hospital with a recommendation to put her on IV for a little while, since she even stopped going to the bathroom. I have to say, I am so lucky to live so close to such an AMAZING hospital. Although I do not wish anybody to have to take your child there, if you HAVE to, this hospital is welcoming, the staff is amazing with the kids, and there are doctor's galore. She had an IV dripping within an hour of us arriving, and finally some color starting coming back to my daughter's cheeks. In the meantime, my dh dissapeared for about 30 minutes .... he has been stuck in the men's room with vomiting as well! OH FUN! 2 kids to take care of now. (My son stayed home with my sister, so that both my dh and I could take Jackie). It was so tiring, we came home at around 2 AM, and both Jackie and I went to sleep with no problem. DH stayed up a while ... I think!

Phew ... what a Wednesday. At least Jackie was not throwing up anymore, she's keeping water down, but still not eating. DH is having the same stomach issues, OK but he is easier to take care of. Friday rolls around and I get up with my son (he's 15 months old) his one eye is really swollen ... hmmm PINK EYE!! Oh my goodness, off to the pediatrician at 8 AM to get the official diagnosis, and YES he has PINK EYE. In the meantime the pediatricians are letting me know how they would let me know later in the day about my daughter's test they had to do the day before. THANKS! So my poor son has pink eye, my daughter is getting over her stomach flu, dh is in the peak of that bug and MOM ... well Mom is trying to keep everybody happy at the same time feeling terribly uncomfortable. Why you ask ? Well, it ended up that I also had a little infection coming on off I went to the doctor and he comfirmed it. Gave me antibiotic and now I'm feeling a lot better!
So Today, Sunday, kids are doing good (no goop in the eyes, no throwing up from anybody) there is snow on the ground, and the air is cold and crisp!!

Now isn't it fun when the whole family shares and nice quiet relaxing day of health!? I feel like not going out this next coming week, in fear of getting anything else out there ... .

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