Monday, February 05, 2007

Cold Cold Days!

This weekend we decided to take a trip up to Cleveland to visit family. Well, it was about 0 degrees and about -10 with the wind chill! BRRRR!!! My poor kids, I felt like a bad mother taking them out of the house in that weather in addition to taking them to the coldest area of Cleveland!! We were on the east side, right where the snow belt starts... yep right where the lake decides to blow air! The roads were a mess and visibility at one point was really bad - so much that we could not see the car in front of us! We survived and stayed for the weekend, mainly indoors.
Most schools around this area closed today, due to the cold weather. Day cares though are open, since there is no bus system the kids need to wait for!

Anyway, I doubt I'll go anywhere this weekend or the next or the next. I think I'll stay around here and hang out till this weather decides to warm up :) !!!!

Now I gotta go break up a fight between my almost 5 y.o. and my 15 month old! YAY!

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