Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer vacation

So nice to have the kids be off school and off activities! I hope they get to enjoy their summer and just relax have fun and get some fun in the sun! We've been doing bike rides (mostly me power walking and the kids riding) going to the park, the pool, etc. It's so nice to finally open the windows and let the air breeze through the house without it being super cold!!!
Other than that - things are great! The kids have a summer nanny which is awesome. Work is work and Chris got a scare today (layoffs at his place ... sucks) he was safe though . Here's hoping he continues to work work work for da man!
I just recently started exercising on a regular basis- not sure why I didn't do it sooner since we belong to this super cool gym! I'm excited about my new routine and hope I can continue doing it through the rest of the year.

Talking about end of school/beginning of summer, I am wondering why there are no report cards coming home at the end of the school year ... maybe first grade doesn't need such report? (everybody passes onto second grade!?)

In addition, there have been a group of earthquakes that have been shaking the north coast of Honduras. What a pain... they were strong too! My family was not affected but some business places were. That sucked - my poor country can not get a break.
Allright - I'll post again soon!!

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