Thursday, October 19, 2006

MTV Latino Music Awards

AH! So I can't watch them, I need to seriously get Direct TV or Dish Network! But is it worth it ...maybe after I'm done with this post I will run to the phone and order the service.

So tonight are the MTV Latin Music Awards in Mexico City and one of my all time favorite rock en espanol artist is nominated for Artist of the Year. Although I did not realize that Gustavo Cerati is the age he is, he still ROCKS! If you do not know who Gustavo Cerati is, let me give you a quick introduction from my perspective. He was the lead singer of my all time favorite Rock Band "Soda Stereo".

Soda Stereo was one of the most influential bands in the 80's and 90's. They propagated all throughout Latin America with their unique sound (a mix of pop, ska,sould, reggue, rock) and Gustavo's unique voice and poise. I know there's a story about the fact the band came out soon after the dictatorship in Argentina ended in the early 80's and that was a huge influence in their message. You'll have to do research on that or let me know here if you find more info.

What I want to blog about is the sound and music of Soda Stereo. The voice, the rythm, I have bought several tunes of them, specially live ones. This band knew how to play the music without any gimmicks or special effects. It was them, their instruments, and their voice. One of my favorite phrases from them said at their most famous "El Ultimo Concierto" tour was "Gracias ... Totales!".

On my iPod I have Zoom, Ella uso mi cabeza como un revolver, El Temblor, Angel Electrico, Puente. I know the band broke up in the mid 90's and Gustavo went on to being a solo artist. He still created music so unique yet with the same catchy feeling you get from Soda. One of my favorite songs from his solo career is Amor Amarillo (you can usually hear it on AOL Radio) and Crimen.

I can't wait to see if my favorite artist won tonight! I hope he did, even though his age is catching up with him, he certainly has not lost his voice and talent throughout these years. I live in Ohio, and heard he was going to be somewhere in Virginia. I will sure try to make it out to his concerts the next time he's around here!! Go ahead and look for them if you haven't heard of them before.... Gracias .... Totales!

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