Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cameron Mitchells Restaurants

I have to say that living in Columbus has grown on me. I have been here for about 10 years (started as a Freshmen at OSU), I hated the weather, the culture (too stiff) and the college for that matter (too big). However, once I started getting comfortable with my surroundigs, made friends (found love) and learned how to dress in layers, I liked this city. My husband (then boyfriend) and I, had our second date at Cap City Cafe back in 1999. One of many Cameron Mitchell's restaurants Cap City is themed as a cafe with a menu featuring sandwiches and subtle seafood dishes. It was a Spring evening, with the heaters around the patio and some good wine and food.

Cap City certainly is one of my favorites romantic spots in Columbus, for a laid back, relaxing atmosphere. But!!! You need to go to Cameron's, it is definitely my favorite restaurant in Columbus,OH. Why you ask? Owned by Camerom Mitchell, Cameron's is his oldest restaurant in Columbus in the small section of Linworth, OH, Cameron's offers an eclectic menu of Americana Cuisine mixed with excellent cocktails and wonderful customer service. I loved the dessert so much, the waiter actually brought the recipe for me to make at home. The restaurant is small and quaint, and my husband and I have enjoyed many nights together chatting about our life and how much we enjoy food.

Another wonderful restaurant that Cameron owns, is Mitchells. This is a steakhouse, fully integrated with all that a steakhouse needs (a Somelier for one!). This restaurant offers an amazing menu that features and presents the main ingredients without the fuss and buzz of sauces and too many spices. It features the best Filet Mignon I've had outside of my house, and a wonderful selection of wines.

Please Please Please, go to a Cameron Mitchell restaurant if you get a chance. I still need to know how Columbus Fish Market and what the newly renewed Ocean Club offers. Need to check it out and see if it pars up to Cameron's and Mitchell's Steakhouse!

Now, I have lamb chops ready to be made tomorrow. We will enjoy them with a delicious Shiraz. That will certainly will go well with the wind we have here in Columbus this weekend. The meat was bought at Whole Foods, and I've not been dissapointed yet with ther produce!!! So that will certainly replace the experience of having not been to a Cameron's restaurant in a while.

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