Monday, September 05, 2011

Updates Updates!

Wow, it's been a while since I've had the chance to update this blog!

So much to tell and so little time :) One thing I want to try to blog about more are the "struggles"/"challenges" of balancing working full time and being a mom to young kids.

 So here it goes!! Summer 2011 Quick Takes!

 1. My sister is expecting!! I don't know if I have permission to post this but she already knows it's a BOY! and our family couldn't be happier! This is their first baby, so we are just so ready for him to join us so we can love him to bits :). I think the next best thing after having your own children is your loved ones to have them!!

 2. During Labor Day weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to the Greek Festival. Great food, coffee, entertainment and this year, great company!! We truly had a great time out at the Greek Orthodox Church with the only difference that it was quite a chilly day for early september.

 3. We went to a couple of weddings this summer. One of them in Northern California (Pismo Beach to be exact). We started our trip in Sacramento then drove out to Napa for some vino tasting, then off to San Francisco for one night of fun and mingling with locals! Then drove down to Carmel for lunch and then to Pismo Beach for the wedding! Awesome views and great company made this trip one to never forget (and OHHHH... we went without the kids!) We were only there for 5 days, so it wasn't a long trip but it was totally worth it!
                                                  Just before the wedding in Pismo Beach! 

 4. Our next wedding was closer, in Cincinnati. It was a nice small affair a day before July 4th! We had a good time meeting new people and being present at my husband's friend wedding.

 5. We also took a trip to Washington DC! That was a great trip and one to remember. We visited the Lincoln Memorial, The WWII memorial, Vietnam Memorial, we saw the Washington Monument on a very hot and humid DC day! Then we stood in the front lawn of the white house as we watched Marine One take off! YES, the president must have been on board as sources said that he was leaving for vacation (and the extra security around the grounds were giving it away!). We also had a chance to visit several Smithsonian museums (The National Archives, The Museum of American History, The National Museum of Natural History, The Air and Space Museum!)

 We drove to Mt. Vernon and took a tour of the grounds and the mansion. It was an incredible trip with lots of anecdotes to tell... such as dinning at one of my favorite places (Fogo de Chao) and doing simple things, like playing frisbee on the mall grounds.
                                     The Family, aboard a small cruise along the Potomac River. 

 6. We went to the pool several times! Some times while my dear husband was out of town and the kids were just too hot, after work I got a lite dinner together and took them to the pool! Yes, we are about 20 shades darker than what we really are but it is totally worth it watching them be so comfortable around the water.

 7. My son's last day at his preschool came. All the emotions came rushing in as I left the place where my baby made so many friends in the lat 4 years. Bittersweet moment for sure.

 8. The kids started a new school together! This was a big move for us as we were already in a fantastic school district. But the more and more I think about the reason of the change, it wasn't to escape anything that we were in, but more to gain something from the new school. One of the reasons being them being together for 5 years which is huge for us!

 9. We tried a CSA!!! If you don't know what a CSA is, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It meant that we paid a fixed price at the beginning of the season and we received fresh crops from a local grower. I've certainly enjoyed my share of tomatos, bell peppers, onions, eggplants, corn (corn and more corn), peaches and strawberries. It was a bit too much of a share to be honest, so I am not sure if we'll do it next year. However, it was an experience that I am glad we tried! 

10. We have been regulars at Church! Ever since my "reversion" to the Catholic faith and my husband full support, it has been a joy to go to church every Sunday. The kids are still getting used to it, but as they get older they will get to appreciate what a celebration it is to attend mass weekly.

 Well, off to bed. As the fall of 2011 finds me getting up in the wee hour of 6 in the AM (YUCK) and I do need my beauty sleep tonight!! Later I'll write more about the challenges of working and having kids in school and activities. Toto... I think we're not in Kansas anymore!!

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