Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The latest ...

As usual life is busy! Too busy some days and apparently Chris and I are not busy enough because we feel like we want to make it even busier with challenges we are willing to take.
The challenges? Well, it has to do with the kids schools. Julien will be going to Kindergarten next year and our school district does not offer full day kindergarten. Since Chris and I both work full time, half day kindergarten does not work for us (no full day care for him). Soooo we need to keep him at his current school which does have a full day kindergarten. Ok - that's good right?
Well, we have now started going to the Newman Center (Catholic church) on campus and I absolutely LOVE IT. The dynamic is more my style and the community is so diverse. I feel like I'm at my church back at home (Honduras). I started thinking that I went to a religious school all my life (K through High School). I feel that religion was a pivotal subject to take for me, which has helped me on my toughest days and has given me a faith that I don't think I could have gotten otherwise.
We started looking at catholic schools in Columbus and we have found one that we really like. We toured it and we were pleasantly surprised at how much we like it. They teach Spanish starting in Kindergarten!!! THAT is preparing children for the future in this competitive world.
The other big PLUS is that both kids would be in the same school for 5 years together. If we stay in the schools we are at then they would only EVER be in the same school for 1 year and that's it.

The biggest cons are cost and logistics. The school is not free but it's not out of our reach however that is something to consider. The next thing is the logistics. The school is no where close to our house and just thinking about after school commitments... well it makes my head hurt! If we go this route we will commit to continue the catholic schools up until High School, so that is another consideration and cost that we would have to incur.

I don't know what we'll decide, either way the kids will be fine and as long as both of them end up being good people who strive to help instead of hurt, who choose love over anything else and who are honest with themselves first and then others, then I would have done my job as a mom :)

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