Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Changes oh Changes

So a while ago I stopped working at my previous employer (well sorta was LET GO from my previous employer) About 6 weeks later, I started a new venture with new titles and a new environment (and the best commute ever - 3 minutes!!!).
The emotions we go through when we are let go of our jobs is tremendous. Some days I felt like taking on the world and just imagining the opportunities!! Others, I felt helpless, edgy and worried that this unknown was upon our family. Once I started getting calls - even if they were from recruiters (which in the techie world they call all the time) it gave me a boost of confidence. Finally, about 6 weeks after I was let go from my 6 year professional job, I accepted my current job! It was nice to have that opportunity and even nicer to start a new venture.

I recently learned that most of my old co-workers are not going to be around that place anymore (again ... the LAYOFF), and I have mixed feelings for them. Mixed feelings because I know that most of them have worked in this place for the longest time (15, 16+) years, which makes it hard to even think about a new place to work for. But on the other hand, I feel that they do need to realize that there is life after this company. That new opportunities are not all that bad - and actually they could bring a breath of fresh air to a new company or to themselves. Sure sure, the vacation would not be the same, but companies nowadays are wonderful at giving you comp time or pretty much half days off without having to dip into your precious vacation pool.

For me, the hardest thing has been leaving my co-workers. Not to say that I haven't found a wonderful group who I currently work with, but my old peers were unique, in that they fostered me (this fresh out of college girl!) and helped me get through 6 years at a tough company. I made great friends along the way at my old job and I will try to make every effort possible to keep in touch with them.
It's tough going through changes - specially job changes. But I think one of the maturity traits for a human being in this day and age is to be able to adapt to change. Change is inevitable, and we need to embrace and jump to new ventures with both feet. Because this world is full of surprises - and even though I don't like surprises, I accept them and enjoy the ride!

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