Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Music My taste- do I have one?

Well, I'm so PI#$ED right now! My iPod won't boot up, nothing NADA!! I want to listen to about $50 worth of songs I've purchased from iTunes, and I can't ARGH! No- I don't want to listen to them on iTunes, I want to listen to them on my iPOD! I've tried everything the Apple site tells me to do, but it hasn't worked (sniff sniff)

So back on topic ... My music. So you must wonder what kind of music I like. I wonder what kind of music I like. It's funny, I usually list the genres I don't like, since I like so many types of music. I know I don't like RAP, Tejano and Country music. Other than that I pretty much enjoy anything else. So I guess a good way to talk about what I enjoy is what I have on my iPod. My ELO music!! What? You don't know ELO!? Come on!! Livin Thing? Mr. Blue Sky? Telephone Line? All Over the World? Last Train to London? Come on!! One of my all time favorite bands! With my favorite song being Livin Thing!

Then there's Soda Stereo! Best Rock En Espanol band ever, although some people might argue La Ley is better ... that's up for discussion! Then I LOVE Bossa Nova - Joao Gilberto, Sergio Mendes, Bebel Gilberto! That music just puts me in a GREAT mood.

For dancing I am currently into Daft Punk *their Discovery album* not that new crap they came out with recently! Then I like ABBA (yes I admit!), Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, George Michael, Elton John!

I love to relax to some Jazz! I don't know many Jazz artists by name, but I love the music.
Then my all time favorite Latin singer - Shakira! She rocks - but not her latest stuff, her early spanish songs!! That's Shakira! Look it up if you ever get a chance.

Then there's my platonic boyfriend - Miguel Bose!! With his Amante Bandido!! Yikes, if he were 15 years younger .. boy oh boy!

Then I really enjoy classical music - specially Chopin and Tsaikovsky!
Well, so I like everything in my opinion! At least of what I've been exposed to.... I need to fix my iPod!!! BOO!
I also love to dance and get out as much as I can with my also dancing loving husband! I just hope my kids inherit our dance moves and enjoy just having fun dancing!

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